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I stole this meme from quinne! [Apr. 2nd, 2006|11:17 pm]
Things most people don't know

My favourite...


Cosmos. Beautiful and delicate, yet they can stand up to harsh conditions. Even with no care, they continue to grow and thrive on their own, and blossom into beautiful flowers. They mean a lot to me, and remind me of my childhood.


Deer! 大好きだよっ! They are so cute as babies, and since I was little and saw bambi, I always loved them. They live near me, and are so kind and gentle. Of course, they can be strong if they need to be too. かわいいね~♡


I love melon!! BUT, i'm very picky with the ripeness.. so I only eat it few times a year.. but I love all things that are melon flavoured! melon soda, shave ice, ice cream, etc. I love all of them, and it's making me hungry. such a unique taste, isn't it.. this is tied with custard pudding for my favourite food.. because i love that all of the time!


Iced Milk Tea!!! Aaah its so good. I like it just the plain kind. or melon, of course. It's just cold tea and milk, of course.. with sugar and mixed with ice.. I love it. It's sweet, but not too much.. and I could drink it all the time. Also, cute packaging when you buy it in stores! It's hard to find.. aah.. (_ノД<)ノ・゚・。 I'm sad!

Anime/Manga Character:

DEIDARA~☆ めっちゃかっこいいだからw! and we share views on art! And he has mouths on his hands, which is freaky, but sort of hot. ( ´∀`)キ゛ェエ工エェッハハ八ノヽノヽ

From: pocketsizedhero
2006-04-03 03:15 pm (UTC)
i absolutely love your pixels! (^_-)-☆ did you make them yourself?
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