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Stolen from Quinne [May. 25th, 2006|02:00 pm]
Take a look at your LJ friends list, then list up to ten things you want to say to 10 different LJ friends.
DO NOT state who these people are.
DO NOT confirm nor deny any "comment speculation".

1. You don't know who I really am, and I'll never tell you. I'm sorry that I hurt you.

2. Sometimes, I really think you hate me. I'm afraid of talking to you because I used to like you.

3. I miss talking to you. You don't know how much your friendship meant to me.

4. Even though we don't talk that much, I feel like you can understand me better than anyone.

5. I think you're a drama queeen, but I'll always love you. You still accept me, after all.

6. I feel like I can never get close to you.. after all this time, you suddenly talk to me? I'm hurt.

7. Other than our fandom, I don't know if we would even be close. I hope we would.

8. If it wasn't for you, I would have been a lot more depressed last month. Thank you.

9. You aren't as hated as you think you are.. you're a really kind person, and I wish you'd see that.

10. When I read your entries, they make me angry. You're so self-righteous.

[User Picture]From: kurara
2006-05-26 05:39 am (UTC)
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